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Assiniboia – Heart of the Golden South

Assiniboia Community Spotlight

Welcome to Assiniboia which is home to approximately 2,300 people. The small town features everything you need and more including quick access to a regional park for those who love to boat, golf, hike, and fish. For arts and culture, the community features a museum, theatre, cultural recreation centre and an art gallery. Educational institutions include an elementary and high-school as well a regional college for post-secondary training. Overall, the community has everything you need and is very welcoming to new residents and families. For those looking for a excellent rural Saskatchewan experience, Assiniboia is a great community for everyone to live, work and play!

A local perspective

Raegan Rasmussen is a Nurse Practitioner working out of Assiniboia. Read more about her experience living and working in the rural community below:

Raegan Rasmussen, Nurse Practitioner

“I work at the Red Coat Primary Health Care Clinic in Assiniboia. I provide primary health care to patients from all walks of life; prenatal care to end of life care and everything in between. The approach I take in treating patients is that of the whole person. This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.”

What do you do as a Nurse Practitioner?

“As a nurse practitioner, I have advanced clinical and theoretical knowledge and training. I am able to autonomously assess and diagnose patients, order diagnostic testing and interpret results, provide treatment and/or procedures, prescribe medications, and make referrals to specialists. This also involves follow up and counselling.”

Why do you enjoy working in Assiniboia?

“Assiniboia is the town I grew up in. My children are being raised here. We are a farming community where everyone takes care of everyone. I love the fact that several of the people I provide care for are those that I have either known my entire life, or their life. There is a level of trust and respect in that regard. I am able to practice within a broader scope of illnesses and in turn, get to provide a wider variety of services that might be passed off to a specialist if they were practicing in an urban area.”

What do you love about living in Assiniboia?

“The sense of community is profound. During the pandemic, our town came together in ways I could have never imaged. People rallied to make sure their neighbors, friends and family were ok. We support each other. There’s nothing quite like small town living.”

Tell us more about your career pathway. Did you work in other facilities throughout Saskatchewan or in another province?

“I received my Bachelors of Science in nursing degree in 2007. I started my career at home in Assiniboia at the Union Hospital for a couple years before deciding to take the plunge and move to a bigger center, Calgary, AB. There, I worked on a medical floor for a few years developing a wide range of experience. From there, I ended up being signed as a contract nurse through a travel nurse company, landing a position in Prince Albert at the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary. I worked in various positions there but primarily in infectious diseases. After I had my first child, I decided to settle down with my husband back to our roots, Assiniboia. I worked as a registered nurse again at the Union Hospital in acute care, emergency, and long term care settings before deciding to enroll in the Masters of Nursing program. I received my Masters in Nursing in 2018 and have been working in rural primary care since then and wouldn’t change a thing!”

Do you have any advice for new grads looking to pursue a career in a northern or rural community?

“I truly believe all nursing programs should have a rural community rotation. There is an opportunity for expanded learning experiences as you have to be proactive and often use more creative ways to ensure safe, ethical care. Often, you are the only medical professional in some situations. You do not have a respiratory therapist, physical therapist or code team to call on. There are no ward clerks, porters or 24h scheduler’s. All of that, is you! This offers the experience that you might not get in urban settings.
Often, you see patients/clients again. Maybe in different settings, but the follow up is so gratifying. You see people in their worst moments, and then perhaps get to see them again thriving. Being a part of that is none other.”

What do you love about working in health care?

“What I love most about working healthcare is being able to help people. It is a very rewarding field of work to be in. Nothing is more fulfilling than having your clients come in to see you or you see them out in the community and they are excited to tell you about all the positive things they have accomplished since the last time you talked to them. It gives you such a sense of gratitude when you see your clients succeeding”

Join the healthcare team in Assiniboia

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Originally published on September 23, 2022