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Wilkie – The Dream that Keeps on Growing

Wilkie Community Spotlight

Welcome to Wilkie home to approximately 1,200 people. This community has a lot of small town charm and offers a quality of life similar other communities of its size. For recreation, the town offers many sports, clubs and organizations. Facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, community centre, skating rink, regional park and campground, ball diamonds, library and a museum. Wilkie also has an elementary school and a highschool and is in close proximity to the town of Unity which has everything you need and more in terms of daily essentials and is 150km west of Saskatoon. Overall, Wilkie is a great community to start your career and build a high quality of life.

A local perspective

Debbie Kurulak-Milne is a Registered Nurse working out of Wilkie. Read more about her experience living and working in the rural community below:

Debbie Kurulak-Milne, Nursing Manager (Registered Nurse)

“I manage the nursing team at the Wilkie Health Centre. The nursing primarily works in Long Term Care (LTC) as well as outpatient services. The facility also provides Respite, Community Services (Public Health, Occupational Therapy , Mental Health and Addictions, nasal endoscopy , Adult Counselling, and Dietician), Home Care, Emergency Medical Services; Emergency Room services and Alternative Level of Care.”

Why do you enjoy working in Wilkie?

“I Enjoy the elderly and our LTC residents; love listening to their life stories and experiences as younger people; My passion is caring for the small town family; small town atmosphere-connectivity, caring for each other, support from community without having to ask; know your clients, families, histories, what is important and how to engage your residents. For many, Wilkie is a first job placement within the SHA and Canadian healthcare. Very welcoming, supportive, encouraging work environments, close knit team, older nurses mentor and support your success. Several staff worked/ had experiences in larger facilities (i.e./ Calgary and Saskatchewan Cities) and found Wilkie to be client and family focused and engaged where as the larger centres can more task focused. Wilkie and other rural centres provide the broader scope of practice which I prefer.”

What do you love about living in Wilkie?

“Wilkie is a quiet place to work and live and provides that slower quality of life pace. The people are friendly and will greet you when walking/passing by them. The community is also very affordable, safe, and peaceful. A huge perk for healthcare workers is that you don’t have to pay for parking! You can also walk to work depending on where you live regardless you are close to everything when you live in a small town. Finally, being close to family is important to me and living in Wilkie provides that opportunity for me.”

Do you have any advice for new grads looking to pursue a career in a northern or rural community?

“There is better mentorship and support in smaller centres; close knit teams, simple living, quiet/ supportive work environments, families are involved and true partners in care, opportunities for more activities in and outside of the building, supported by community (horses, lambs, dogs & cats, gardening, Grid Road tours, town walks, school class visits & partnership programs- try a rural placement to see what experiences- you might find a work family to love! There are also rural grants and incentives help to get you established.”

What do you love about working in healthcare?

“Helping people in the community, the support from my coworkers, the involvement of clients and family partnerships, interdisciplinary teams connected throughout the province. Overall I love working in this industry and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Join the healthcare team in Wilkie

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Originally published on April 14, 2023