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Internationally Trained Health Professionals

Join us in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is filled with opportunity. Internationally trained health professional looking for work in Saskatchewan’s health sector, may do so by becoming licensed in Saskatchewan, through training and or by an alternative career.

International Healthcare Worker Expression Of Interest

If you are interested in working in Saskatchewan in the Health sector and would like to be contacted about job opportunities relevant to your skill set by the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) or Health employers, please create an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

An International Healthcare Worker EOI submission is not an application to the SINP. It is a pre-application form which allows you to fill out an online form to indicate your interest in working in Saskatchewan in a selected Health sector occupation and show your qualifications. The information asked for is used to identify you for job opportunities being offered by Saskatchewan healthcare sector employers.

Unlicensed Internationally Trained Healthcare Professionals residing in Saskatchewan or another Province

If you or someone you know has healthcare training and experience from outside of Canada and is currently living in Saskatchewan or another province, see the Government of Saskatchewan website for more information on different pathways to obtain licensure.

Training in Saskatchewan

There are a number of post-secondary educational institutions in Saskatchewan. These institutions may assess your prior education to determine if it can be used as equivalent to some of the components of the course you might be interested in. This is typically called Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. Connect with the programs at each of our training institutions in Saskatchewan to learn more about their process for recognition.

There are also bridging and assessment programs available for some occupations. Some of the ones available in Saskatchewan include: